The new A|C|C|O|R® Plasma Pen 360° is the gentle, rapid and effective alternative to skin tightening surgery. 

The latest generation of the Cosmetic Corrector combines the best aspects of plasma and low frequency techniques to offer a product that is unique on the market. In combination with our sophisticated training programme, it gives you access to new ways of treating wrinkles, scars, acne and skin tags.

A particular advantage of this treatment is that the healing process is very rapid thanks to the LF technology. Following professional treatment carried out by our trained practitioners and maintenance of the aftercare regime, there is hardly any evidence of unsightly swelling or redness.


The first Plasma pen with
LF technologie

The gentle alternative to plastic surgery

The A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector is the gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery and is unique on the market with its combination of plasma and low frequency techniques. 

An ionised electric arc acts on the skin surface via the tip of the pen without making direct contact with the skin. The plasma arc very rapidly vaporises the skin in a concentrated way in the desired location and tightens the surrounding area. The procedure is almost painless and the results are often immediately visible. The treatment is particularly gentle on the body. A single ambulatory procedure is enough to make the eyes appear more open, to firm up the eyelids and to smooth the areas of skin around the mouth and nose. Since the treatment causes virtually no unsightly swelling or redness, clients are quickly ready to go back to their daily routine.

The A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector is based on very sophisticated technology, which was developed during months of intensive research. The plasma technique, mode of action and design were brought up to Elite level in the course of an extensive trial period. 


Not all plasma is the same

An overview of the benefits for your clients

Benefits for your clients

  • Extremely effective for many procedures, from correcting drooping eyelids to carrying out a complete face lift – without surgery, needles or scalpels
  • Rapid, painless and chemical-free treatment – especially gentle on the body
  • Results are immediately visible – post or in-depth skin tightening leads to additional permanent improvements
  • Rapid healing process – clients need only a short time for their appearance to recover and they are able to resume normal social activities in just a few days
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Areas of application

Firmer skin and a fresher appearance thanks to a facelifting procedure without surgery

Even minor changes can have an enormous impact on your clients. In addition, you can expand your portfolio of services, adding numerous applications using the Plasma Pen. Whether this involves visibly reducing acne scars or smoothing out crow’s foot wrinkles — within a short time this simple and painless treatment to combat the unsightly signs of aging will give you a competitive advantage — for just a small investment.

Areas of use

  • Upper and lower eyelid lift withoutsurgery
  • Scar revision
  • Removal of unsightly pigmentation(age/brown spots, liver spots, moles)
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Removal or correction of permanentmake-up and small tattoos


Before and after comparison 

In practice, the A|C|C|O|R® Plasma Pen has already proved to be effective in many ways. There are pictures of numerous satisfied clients, showing a comparison before and after treatment. The visible and measurable results are smoother skin in the area of the eyes and round the mouth and a more even complexion, which makes the overall appearance fresher and younger — and that is even after the first treatment session. 

Upper lid lift

Upper lid lift

Lower lid lift

Removal of skin tags

Reduction of pigmentation

Neck lift

Soft facelift on the lower part of the face

Nasolabial folds, lip and mouth-corner wrinkles, chin lift

Side- and Necklift

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Training & Support

Authorised training for practitioners – on way to becoming a Medical Beauty Specialist 

Basic Starter Training

To ensure a successful start, this first training session teaches you how to handle the device, as well as carry out small treatment procedures and the optimal aftercare for these. We show you how to integrate the pen into the individual concept of your salon and how to successfully conduct sales conversations with your clients. Also includes: User manual, practitioner’s certificate and 3 months of support from the trainers in the A|C|C|O|R® Support Group for optimal exchange and assistance in a protected environment

Included in the purchase price of the PlasmaPen

Pro Intensiv Training

In the course of a hands-on training session lasting one day, you learn about advanced therapeutic approaches and various techniques in the area of upper eyelid lifts including crows foot wrinkles, a glabella lift, the treatment of perioral dermatitis and hydroporation, as well as the special aftercare needed for more intensive applications. 

Also includes: Certificate and admission to the A|C|C|O|R® Support Group Including 3-months of support from the experienced Pro Trainer.

At the earliest, 3 months after Basic StarterTraining

Price 750 €

Medical Master Training

In our 360-degree training concept, you learn how to carry out facelifts, eyebrow lifts and wrinkle treatments in combination with various medical beauty techniques, such as hydroporation, needling and cryo needling. The exclusive technique of scar treatment is a highlight of this training session.

Medical Master Training is only for Pro practitioners upon invitation or application.
Price on request


What you receive

The new A|C|C|O|R® 360° is not just a short-term means of increasing your turnover: After a few treatment sessions you will have recouped your investment – and also gained new opportunities to develop your business. 

  • Simple to use, qualified beauticians do not require a licence
  • Flexible and ergonomic to work with – in your salon or in other locations, withor without a power cable
  • Training and support provided by aqualified and experienced Master Trainer team
  • Ideal for combining with conventional applications such as micro needling and hydroporation
  • High rate of satisfaction and recommendation – let your clients promote your business
  • As seen on TV programmes such as TAFF (PRO7) and PUNKT 12 (RTL)


An investment that quickly pays for itself

Elements Of Beauty has been manufacturing Plasma Pens in Germany since 2013 and is a well-established company. Take advantage of product quality at the highest level and the comprehensive know-how that has contributed to the development of the A|C|C|O|R® Plasma Pen. Its wide range of potential applications – including eyelid lifts, smoothing out wrinkles and irregularities, facelifts, scar correction, treatment of alterations in pigmentation, etc. – make your investment in the A|C|C|O|R® 360° profitable in just a short period of time.

As you carry out high-quality cosmetic treatments with the A|C|C|O|R® Cosmetic Corrector, you recoup the purchase price within a short period of time. You do not need to be a licensed homeopathic practitioner or a doctor; you can simply expand your business and become a Medical Beauty Specialist if you wish to do so. Our proven experience and competence wins the trust of your clients and strengthens customer loyalty.


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